Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back by Popular Demand

Greetings from the land of eternal studying!

Before I go into what I have been doing lately, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that has sent me parcels, cards, and letters over the last month and a half! I read these cards and letters pretty much every day, and I think it has helped fend off homesickness. I'm very blessed to have such amazing and thoughtful people in my life, thank you all so much!! Here is my card display in my room that many of my flatmates have commented on...

I know I have been silent for quite a long time, but rest assured that it is not because I have been bored. School has been keeping me very busy lately, so much so that I have barely had the time to talk to anyone. I love all of my classes, but really regret taking three literature courses all at once. Reading three novels a week is getting old! I have a presentation on the poetry of Coleridge tomorrow morning, and then another presentation Monday in my Irish Literature class. All this work is making my time go very quickly, and it's hard to believe that my classes are almost half over! Speaking of which...

You know how in the spring semester we have Spring Break? Well here in the fall they have Reading Week. It's when you are supposed to catch up on all your reading, start working on your essay's, focus on your schoolwork...

Forget that! I'm going to Scotland! November 2-4 I will be exploring the great city of Edinburgh with one of my flatmates, Cheryl (Flat Hannah will introduce you in a bit). One of our definite stops will be Edinburgh Castle and by the way - I'm taking kilt orders now. I'm prepared to finish all the Christmas shopping for the men in my family at a neat kilt shop there. :) Who knows? Maybe I'll even come home with a bagpipe. What? I might want to learn someday...

I am looking forward to this weekend, because I will finally get to visit the destination I have long dreamed of exploring: the Lake District. Home to William Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and John Ruskin, to name a few. The day trip stops at several different towns, so hopefully I will have some beautiful pictures to share (weather permitting - as always!).

Sunday I am taking another day trip, and this time to the city of York. I have several items on my agenda there, but I'm really just looking forward to satisfying my inner traveler and explore someplace new. I love Manchester, but I'm ready to go somewhere new for the weekend (besides staying in my study dungeon - I mean my room).

That is all for now, I will hopefully have much more news and exciting pictures this weekend. I am off to the gym and then to study for the rest of the night. I hope you are all doing well! It will be Christmas in Kansas City before I know it!

Flat Hannah's Corner

I have to admit. Flat Hannah has been a little irritated with me lately. As some of you know we were supposed to take a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon (home of Shakespeare) at the beginning of the month, and due to unforeseen circumstances (and an irritating typo) we missed our bus and were not able to go. Needless to say she was very disappointed.

But nothing gets Flat Hannah down for long, and she has become quite the social butterfly at Saint Gabriel's Hall. While I'm off attending class she is most likely watching Jane Austen movies in the TV room or playing Band Hero and Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii. Here is a picture of Flat Hannah with one of our flatmates, Cheryl, who lives just across the hall from us...

Cheryl is from Singapore and she is in her first year of study for Maths and Physics. She is hilarious and always seems to be awake - no matter what time of day - so Flat Hannah and I are usually socializing with her and the other girls that live around us. There are bound to be many funny adventures when we all pack up and go to Scotland for a few days!


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