Friday, November 16, 2012

Going Back

Do you ever wish you could go back to a specific time in your life, just to see if everything was as you remembered it? Perhaps things wouldn't be quite as good as you had talked them up to being. Maybe the scenery wasn't as beautiful, or a relationship wasn't as perfect as you thought. How would time skew your memories and then how would that mesh with a new current perspective?

These are the thoughts that ran through my mind on my flight to Manchester in the early hours last Sunday morning. However all my fears were laid to rest as soon as I was reunited with my friends at the airport. It was such a special reunion, and honestly felt very surreal all day long. It was so strange to be back in the exact same place as I was last year. Catching up with everyone has been so amazing, and of course I've had several days now to see the sights (aka go shopping!).

Yesterday I decided to go to Salford Quays, a part of town I missed out on during my last stay in Manchester. It is a newly redevloped area around MediaCity, where BBC is located. Here is a picure looking towards the water...

My mission was to see the Lowry Museum and do a bit of shopping at the outlet mall next door. On the way to the museum though I saw something that made me smile...

It was election day! Someone had mentioned to me earlier in the week that it was their Police and Crime Commissioner elections coming up, but I had completely forgotten that their elections are on Thursdays. So I'm happy to report I spent an entire election day separated from politics and did not have to tell anyone where their polling site was, for a change! I'm sure my coworkers at the Board of Elections back home would have loved to join me. :)

Salford Quays is such a beautiful place, and I will be going back there next week to see everything I didn't have time to do yesterday. Here is a footbridge in the area, and yes - that is sunshine you see! It was a beautiful day...

The Lowry is a museum that houses incredible artwork from its namesake, the artist L.S. Lowry. I don't believe I had ever seen any of his paintings or drawings before, but they were truly incredible. There was also a special exhibit for pop artist Peter Blake, whose artwork was inspired by The Beatles and Elvis Presley. The museum itself is interesting to look at...

Last night was a formal dinner at Gabs (my hall from last year that I'm extremely blessed to be staying at again), and it was in celebration of the Hindu festival Diwali. It was so great getting to see more of my friends and, as usual, Gabs put on a fantastic show. Here are some pictures from the exciting evening...

Grace and I at Diwali dinner
Natalie being cute and Cheryl being herself :)
Bana and I - neighbors reunited! :)
Well that is all for now. Many more adventures to come, and still a few reunions to happen. Tonight is the American costume party at Gabs, so I shall begin my preparations for a cowgirl transformation! Yee-haw!!


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